Picture Gallery 1

Urology Operative Team

RIRS (retrograde endourological procedure) for kidney stones

Urology Operating Table

Lithotomy Position for Endourology Operations

Retrograde pyelogram

Ureteroscopy with ureteric stone extraction and ureteric stent insertion

RPG and Ureteric stent insertion

Flexible cystoscopy

Prostate biopsy

MRI prostate

Prostate biopsy procedure

Bone Scans in Prostate Cancer

BPH – Ultrasound and Uroflowmetry

Very large prostate. But no symptoms:



Conclusion: BPH and its treatment does not have anything to do with the size of the prostate. Size of the prostate does not matter. It is the prostatic compression and bothersome symptoms of BPH that requires treatment

Bladder stones

Kidney Cysts

Prostatic cyst


Vesicovaginal fistula with stones

Urethral stricture dilatation

TURP (Transurethral Resection of the Prostate)

Evacuation of blood clots in bladder


Ellik Bladder Evacuator

Toomey Irrigator

Minor Operations


Bladder Outlet Obstruction – Bladder Neck Obstruction

Hypotonic Neurogenic Bladder

Bladder Outlet Obtruction – BPH

Neurogenic Bladder: Spinal Injury – T3 Vertebral Fracture, Quadriparesis

– Beware of Autonomic Dysreflexia / Hyperreflexia during procedure

Equivocal Bladder Outlet Obstruction – with Myogenic / Neurogenic Detrusor Weakness

Hypotonic Neurogenic Bladder

Inter vertebral disc prolapse L4 / L5, Numbness Right leg, Focal Neurological Deficit, Parasacral Paresthesia